• Feedback from current HSC and Carpentry student
    My choice to come to Trades Norwest this year was good because…… 
    I am able to take control of my learning in a way that is easier to manage. Teachers at the College understand how different this school is from a normal high school and can help you to complete work to the level you are capable of.
    It is good to study for the HSC and/or a trade at Trades Norwest because …..
    it is a good place to do both your HSC and trade as it has taken the stress out of the HSC exams making it easier to focus on your trade at the same time.
  • Feedback from current HSC and Electro student (new this year)
    My choice to come to Trades Norwest this year was good because……
    It allowed me to start an apprenticeship and finish my HSC in the same amount of time as studying at an everyday school. Trades Norwest found me an apprenticeship and got me on my way to being a qualified tradesman.
    It is good to study for the HSC and/or a trade at Trades Norwest because …..
    It is a high standard, relaxed and comfortable place to study. There is constant support from the teacher and flexible on your work hours. The College provides guidance to get the best out of your future.
  • Careers Advisor

    I truly felt inspired and very appreciative of the classroom teacher’s time and willingness to share his success. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with your student; their willingness to share their stories and to permit me to work with them is a credit to you & your team. You certainly have created a very special program which the student is at the heart of the learning and all of them can experience a level of success which they can be proud of.

  • Parents, Students and Visitors
    We would just like to say THANKYOU !!
    The change in our son over the past few months has been amazing. My household is at peace again. The team at the College have all given him the opportunity of self-confidence, given him the ability to show some maturity as a young adult [not just a student among hundreds in a normal school environment and I feel that this has restored a lot of his trust and faith and allowed him to relax a little and to grow within himself. You have certainly made a very positive improvement to our lives and this year has been such a blessing for us. 
    We want you to know that we are very pleased with the quality of service the College has provided . My son was at a crossroad at the beginning of the year and I was at logger heads trying to find an educational institution that could keep him engaged in learning, so as to complete his HSC. The format of learning at the school has enabled my son to continue his HSC and undergo an apprenticeship at the same time. We sincerely appreciate the responsiveness of the Principal and her team at Trades Norwest. They are professional and always attentive to my son’s needs. He enjoys his time there and we have found the combination of work, trade training & school to be a perfect fit for us. I have no hesitation in recommending the College to other parents.


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