School-based Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Apprentice      indentured to an employer for the length of their training leading to a Certificate III qualification
Trainee   signed up with an employer for the length of their training leading to a Certificate II qualification
School-based apprentices work part time, attend school part time and attend training one day per week in term time during Year 11 and Year 12.
Once they finish Year 12 they work full time, attending training one day per week in term time.
Our students have made a decision to pursue a trade career in their chosen area and then followed it through by enrolling in the College, to give themselves every chance to be the best tradesperson possible. 
  • Your apprentice/trainee will be studying part time for the HSC, gaining valuable literacy, numeracy, technology and business skills within a trade-based environment. 
  • Our students are assessed regularly on their employability skills and their work readiness. 

How does it work?

Apprentices are:
Focused on their trade
  • Part time at work (i.e. 2 days per week – can be negotiated – in term time only)
  • Full time at work during school holidays – at least 9 weeks of the year full time
  • Available for full time work for the whole of December (your busiest time!)
  • At trade training 1 day per week during term time only
Focused on getting an HSC but not having the unwanted stress of HSC exams
  • At school 2 days per week during term time to complete HSC – no HSC exams – flexible school based assessment and no homework
  • Learning through projects focused on trades skills - literacy, numeracy, technology and business admin

What does the College do?

  • Supports students in their learning
  • Trains students to the end of their Cert III in Carpentry or Electrotechnology
  • Mentors students during their apprenticeship
  • Liaises with Apprenticeship Board and sets up the training plan

Regular part time roster for school-based apprentices

  • work 2 days a week all year for the employer
  • attend training 1 day per week during term time
  • attend school 2 days per week during term time
  • are available for full time work during the school holidays

What days can my apprentice work?

Employers can choose the 2 days per week that their apprentice is on site with them so that they are best able to plan their work program, as long as it is not the day for their trade training at College/TAFE. Our flexible HSC program does not require all students to be at work on the same day.

Benefits to the employer

  • Starting an apprentice while having the backup of a school pastoral care program
  • Government financial incentives for taking up a school-based apprentice
  • School and TAFE are at the same location for Carpentry, Electrotechnology, Automotive and Child Care
  • Apprentices continue to gain better skills in literacy and numeracy
  • School-based apprentices are more likely to complete their trade

Australian Business Apprenticeship Centre

The Australian Business Apprenticeship Centre supports the College and students with:
  • Arranging sign-up for apprenticeships to meet the requirements of State Training
  • Mentoring of student apprentices
  • Liaising with apprentices and their employers
  • Providing information and processing applications for government incentives for employers and apprentices
  • Advice on appropriate training packages for new apprentices

Who do I contact?